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Thread: guitar returned after 45 years

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    Default guitar returned after 45 years

    Here's some hope for all who've lost instruments.

    Happy Canada Day. 🍁

    (Regarding the video: Lenny Breau was Randy Bachman's guitar teacher.)
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    Default Re: guitar returned after 45 years

    Love the headline, Guess Who Got His Guitar Back

    Personally, I've been spending time the last few months going back to the music of my youth (I was born in '55) ... and in the past three weeks, it's been The Guess Who. I've listened to the entire catalog several times over, mainly because I got Albert Flasher stuck in my head for a week or two. Undun had its turn as well, and all the hits were fun too. Also because when I was a kid I don't think I appreciated how awesome Burton's voice actually was, or how perfectly in the groove and driving the songs their drummer was. Freaking amazing.

    What a great story for Randy to be reunited with that Gretsch! Thanks for sharing.
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    Default Re: guitar returned after 45 years

    another one: Bill Frisell wanted this one back for 37 years, he moved to Seattle, the guitar went on sale in Seattle...
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    Default Re: guitar returned after 45 years

    Wow! Amazing story. Thanks for sharing.

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