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Thread: Asheville Jams?

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    Default Asheville Jams?

    Heading to Asheville area next week. Any friendly bluegrass/old time jams?

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    Your best bet is to contact our own James Condino. He lives and works in Ashville and is very active in their music scene.

    FWIW, Ashville has a reputation of having bluegrass jams just about all the time.
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    There is one on Wednesdays in Hendersonville. If you are in town on Sunday listen to 88.7 FM from 3 to 6 for This Old Porch, they may mendtion old time jams on that station.

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    You can stream WNCW 88.7 from their website. If you can't find jams, listen on Saturdays from 11 AM to 7 PM and play along (as best you can). In addition to This Old Porch on Sunday afternoons, on Sunday mornings there is a BG gospel show (The Gospel Truth) from 7 - 9 AM.
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