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Thread: Ronnie McCoury 'Family Circle' Mandolin Transcription Book

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    Default Ronnie McCoury 'Family Circle' Mandolin Transcription Book


    I'm currently on tour in Europe with the Henhouse Prowlers which means I've been slacking on posting more content to my Patreon. But as I sit here on the side of the Autobahn because of a burnt out clutch in the band van, I thought I would post something I have been working on 🙂 Plus it's free!

    This was originally for me to learn Ronnie breaks and sort of get into his head on how he plays bluegrass mandolin. But this was too good of material not to share with all of you.. I love Ronnie's playing and I hope you find this as awesome as I do!

    Follow the link for the transcription book:

    I made this free because it's a beautiful resource for everyone here who has an interest in seeing how Ronnie plays. That being said if you feel so inclined to support me making more of these my Patreon is a great way to do so. Thanks y'all and happy picking!
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    Default Re: Ronnie McCoury 'Family Circle' Mandolin Transcription Book

    I am currently working on your transcription of Count Me Out. Very well done and thank-you.

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    Default Re: Ronnie McCoury 'Family Circle' Mandolin Transcription Book

    Let me just say WOW. I just signed up for Jake's Patreon. $5 gets you a TON of material already including quite a few Ronnie McCoury tabs and a bunch of Thile stuff too. Great value, thanks Jake!
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