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Thread: "Singing With the Saints" Headin' Home (Official Music Video)

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    Default "Singing With the Saints" Headin' Home (Official Music Video)

    “Singing With the Saints” official studio track from the new Headin’ Home album, Down Where the Grass Is Blue - Coming August 5th, 2022!
    Preorder now at!

    Performed by Headin' Home:
    Libby Lindblom - guitar, lead vocal
    Lucy Lindblom - mandolin, tenor vocal
    Jon Lindblom - bass, baritone vocal
    Luke Lindblom - dobro, bass vocal
    Marina Lindblom - fiddle
    Timothy Lindblom - banjo

    Recorded, mixed, and mastered by Steve Wilson.
    Video filmed at recording location, Bonfire Recording Studio in Piedmont, SC.
    Song written by Donald P. Davis, copyright AiG Music a Division of Answers in Genesis Music.

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    Default Re: "Singing With the Saints" Headin' Home (Official Music Video)

    Interesting and very entertaining video, Lucy. What a great family unit you have there and such a good sound you make together.
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