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Thread: Gold Tone Mandocello - Breaking strings

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    Default Gold Tone Mandocello - Breaking strings

    Hi All
    I did start a thread on this yesterday but where it now is is a mystery! So if you come across another post of mine on the same subject, please accept my apologies.
    Anyway, I'm struggling to find a mandocello for a reasonable price in the UK, so thought I'd look again at Gold Tone. They seem to have good reviews but one review says that the strings regularly break as a result of a problem with the nut. I was wondering if anyone had experienced this problem.

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    Default Re: Gold Tone Mandocello - Breaking strings

    If you use the Goldtone mandocello strings which are somewhat lighter than standard, I haven't had a problem with strings breaking.
    I have shop worn model and my biggest problem is tuning peg buttons disintegrating.
    I emailed Goldtone and they sent me a set of 8, I have gone through 2 so far. I know some earlier models had bridge problems but I think they worked that out. I have played mine out acoustically and it sounds pretty good! The are generally decent instruments, I like mine (I think I got a good one) and probably wouldn't sell it, though its not my only mandocello.
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    Default Re: Gold Tone Mandocello - Breaking strings

    This could be a problem with any instrument that’s not well set up and should be remediable if it happens. I wouldn’t let that deter you from the GT. A bigger consideration, IMO, is that the GT was designed primarily to be played plugged in. So, the big, booming acoustic tone you’d get (for thousands of $$$ more) in, say, a Weber, may not be there. No reason you can’t practice unplugged, and they sound good plugged in. Just a consideration. Caveat: I don’t own a GT cello, but am relaying what I’ve seen about them on here, in sound clips/reviews, etc.

    I do own a GT open back banjo, and they really do make pretty nice stuff, esp considering their price point.

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    Default Re: Gold Tone Mandocello - Breaking strings

    Thanks for your reply. Is it possible to upgrade the tuning pegs, if they are weak or poorly made?

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    Default Re: Gold Tone Mandocello - Breaking strings

    Local music store that ordered my Mandocello replaced them for me when they started breaking. Replaced them with chrome metal buttons that looks great on it. Have had no problems with strings breaking on mine.

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