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    I'm trying my hand at learning by ear. I slowed down Evening Prayer Blues. This is what I got.

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    I know Compton and Long do a great double mandolin version on the "Stomp" recording,
    Darol Anger does a version with Celtic harp and Cello and stuff - probably not what you are looking for.
    A lot of folks have recorded this Bill Monroe classic
    E.P.B. makes heavy use of the G pentatonic blues scale and G arpeggio (with the flattened 3rd), and G double stops.
    So maybe going through G major scale, G blues scale and trying some G arpeggio and G double stops in multiple places will help develop tools to play this song in its very "spiritual" context.
    Sounds like you are making good progress, I couldn't see the right hand so well, but I would try and watch other players ( who sound good to you) and focus on the right hand technique or try and individual lesson ( video lessons are fine).
    As for your other post of "where am I" ( hard to tell with just one experience) I would say "advanced beginner" or "Early Novice"- but don't be too self conscious about that, if you like to play mandolin, keep on doing just that.
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