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Thread: Mick Moloney, RIP @ 77

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    Default Mick Moloney, RIP @ 77

    How a Chance Encounter Launched a Revival of Irish American Music
    March 15, 2018 | Mick Moloney

    Mandocrucian tracks on SoundCloud

    CoMando Guest of the Week 2003 interview of Niles

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    Default Re: Mick Moloney, RIP @ 77

    Mick was just here in Maine at the Celtic festival in Belfast
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    Default Re: Mick Moloney, RIP @ 77

    Couldn't believe it when I woke up to this news today, very sad indeed. I remember learning tunes off of Mick's "Strings Attached" album when I started playing mandolin. What an ambassador for Irish traditional music he was, may he Rest in Peace.
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    Default Re: Mick Moloney, RIP @ 77

    i heard about this last night and was devastated. Mick has been a staple at Catskills Irish Arts Week for the past few years, giving lectures and leading sessions. I took a creative writing class this year (no mandolin class offered this year, alas) led by a cousin of his and she invited Mick to sing a song for our group of 6 that we were to write our impressions of. He was such a class act, a brilliant musician, a great teacher. He'll be very, very much missed.
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    Default Re: Mick Moloney, RIP @ 77

    Very sad news. When I was learning about Irish music back in the 80s, I first came across Mick's name because his first solo album "We Have Met Together" was included in full in a cheapo 4CD set I bought. I then discovered he was in The Johnstons with Paul Brady. Much later, I tried (but never quite managed) to learn his "Reel On Mandolin" from that album. Great tune and inspirational playing.


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    Default Re: Mick Moloney, RIP @ 77

    Hadn't seen Mick in many years. played some tunes with him and his old fiddling buddy, Eugene O'Donnell many years ago and out paths crossed more back then. May he rest in peace. The angel band just got a little better and more than a wee bit funnier.

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    Default Re: Mick Moloney, RIP @ 77

    One of the Greats to be sure. I saw him once many many years ago, at Old Songs Festival near Albany NY, it was very hot out and here comes Mick in a wild tie-dye shirt carrying his guitar, banjo and mandolin, sweating and huffing and puffing. He sets his stuff down to rest a bit and here comes Peter Ostroushko carrying only his mandolin and being driven in a golf cart, not a drop of sweat on him. Worst yet Ostroushko asked to borrow Mick's guitar!
    Mick did some great 4 string banjo on the tune "Green Fields of America" from Norman Blake's "Nashville Blues" record.
    "Strings Attached" another great but somewhat obscure mandolin album.
    Maybe He and Pete will have chance to jam again, I'll be listening.
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    Default Re: Mick Moloney, RIP @ 77

    On our last pre-covid trip to Ireland we were taken by Des Mulkere to Oliver O'Donnel's home outside of Tubber for a session that ended up having Micky Dunne and a few others. Then a bus pulled up with a tour led by Mick Moloney and the good time and wonderful music got all the better. Wonderful gentlemen all of them and very generous. Sad to hear of Mick's passing. Thank you Jill for the prod to get out my copy of "Strings Attached".
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