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Thread: Mandocello Strings on Tenor Guitar

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    I have a Blueridge 23 inch scale tenor guitar tuned GDAE. I know standard tuning goes up to CDGA, but has anyone ever tried using heavier strings to tune down to CDGA in the same octave as a mandocello?

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    You can do that. Whatever strings you use, it's worth running them through a string tension calculator real quick to make sure that you aren't putting more than ~10% more tension on the instrument than it was designed for. Or give me a shout when you think you've decided and I can double-check it for you. Other than string tension being in an acceptable range, you'll likely have to re-cut nut slots and fiddle with bridge intonation. But you can do that stuff later once you figure out if it even makes sense, by just changing the strings out and dealing with (likely) pretty high action at the nut as a dry run.

    Here are some gauges as a starting point, which at 23" scale end up being 20lb tension each.
    C2 .065
    G2 .043
    D3 .028
    A3 .018

    I'm not saying it'll sound GOOD.. but it'll sound.

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