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Thread: Mandola method?

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    Default Mandola method?

    Can you advise me the references of a method for mandola?

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    I asked this question one time before :

    Where are the mandola books?

    Your mileage may vary, as I am a newbie, but the most useful thing I've found thus far is Niles Hokkanen's little book The Mandola Sampler.
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    Playing a funky oval-hole scroll-body mandolin, several mandolins retuned to CGDA, three CGDA-tuned Flatiron mandolas, two Flatiron mandolas tuned as octave mandolins,and a six-course 25.5" scale CGDAEB-tuned Ovation Mandophone.

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    American mandola (CGDA) is problematic when it comes to teaching materials and when it comes to standard notation. It falls into the class of "tenor" plucked instruments: tenor banjo, tenor guitar, and tenor lute (American turn-of-the-century). All of these are tuned CGDA. As Explorer points out in his Mandola Learning Resources, tenor banjo books work fine (if scale length is not important to you). In the Cafe's Tenor Guitar Forum, a recent post asked if anyone had subscribed to Richard Durrant's online course for tenor guitar. What is taught here, of course, would be applicable to all tenor CGDA instruments, including the mandola. (I'm tempted to enroll in this though at present I am rather over-extended in other directions.)

    Re notation, if you go the the mandola group Explorer pointed to, you'll find a brief discussion of notation that will clue you into the problematic nature of how to notate music for these tenor instruments.

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    Thank you to all for your answer!

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