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Thread: Lissa Schneckenburger Coursed on Peghead Nation

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    Default Lissa Schneckenburger Coursed on Peghead Nation

    I just wanted to give a shout out about a course that I finished on Peghead Nation. The course was "Playing By Ear" with a section on Picking Up Tunes on the Fly. It is taught by the violinist Lissa Schneckenburger. I have a lot of trouble picking up tunes quickly in a session situation. I usually need the score to get the tune started. She breaks it down into memorizing pitch patterns and rhythm patterns separately and has useful drills included. I found it very helpful and at my age (75) memorizing is more difficult anyway. The tunes she uses are very well suited for mandolin as well as violin. Here are some of them: Tombigbee Waltz, Huntsman's Chorus, Rory O'More, and Jamie Allen. The last three are on her album, "Dance", which has other tunes that I am trying to pick up by ear, listening to her CD. I have no financial interest in the artist, her products, or Peghead Nation. I am just passing along something to my Mandolin Cafe mates that might be useful. BTW, in title, should read Course, not Coursed. Won't let me edit the title.
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    Default Re: Lissa Schneckenburger Coursed on Peghead Nation

    Cool, I am also taking some Peghead courses.
    Really liking the Sharon Gilchrist finger board course, she is mostly pointing out stuff I am already doing, but making it comprehensive and "moveable", the course says "intermediate" and I think that is true as a newbie you might get lost easy, but as a grumpy old timer seems I can reach into my pocket of "learnin" and put it to good use!
    As I really did not come up on Monroe and traditional stuff like "The Bluegrass Album" some of these very famous BG jam tunes are new to me!
    Just signed up for the John Reischman "melodic tunes" course as I see a lot of pieces I've been wanting to learn but just haven't put the time into, and that one was 50% off as part of their deal.
    I did Artist Works for bit a few years back, and it was great, but Peghead seems just that much more laid back ?
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