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Thread: Novice Solo Arrangements?

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    Default Novice Solo Arrangements?

    Pretty new player here!

    Been flatpicking guitar for about a year and a half, bought a mandolin in May because I was listening to too much Thile, and I've been completely hooked since! I've been learning a lot of fiddle tunes and have gotten to where I can pick them up pretty quickly (after about 30 minutes with a MandoLessons video and I can the simple version of most at around 80 bpm). Still trying to build up my repertoire and playing around with some blues stuff.

    But the reason for this post: I am looking for more of a long term project. I poked around the Tab library on the site and tried my hand at Thile's "Waltz for Dewayne Pomeroy," but that turned out to be a little too ambitious (after half an hour with the first four measures and I still can't play it completely clean/good time). Does anyone have some recommendations for someone my level? Looking for more of a solo arrangement. Doesn't have to be bluegrass/bluegrass influence, open to all sorts of genres!

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    The TablEdit library, under the 'Listen/Learn' header, has tabs sorted by degree of difficulty.
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    Jake Howard has released some great Thile (and other) tab books free on his patreon page. (Donation suggested if you can)

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    Quote Originally Posted by Bill McCall View Post
    The TablEdit library, under the 'Listen/Learn' header, has tabs sorted by degree of difficulty.
    this. You can get the tefview app for free and slow stuff down as much as you need. You can highlight measures and loop them too.

    I think it's also very helpful to play rhythm with your computer playing the lead part. Don't forget to practice rhythm. when you go to a jam you'll play more accompaniment than you will lead
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    Default Re: Novice Solo Arrangements?

    "Too much Thile" ???

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    Default Re: Novice Solo Arrangements?

    The OP, DangeRuss, hasn't logged back in since he joined to ask this question, so we're probably all just talking to ourselves here. Anyway ... try ... it is a terrific site for someone who is only 3-4 months in.
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    Was checking the thread without logging in, I see and appreciate y'alls feedback! I have been poking around the library with it sorted and found some more feasible tunes. And you're right Mark, big fan of mandolessons! Very accessible for a guy like me

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