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Ellis A5 Reserve w/Engraved Tailpiece & Flame Inlay

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Vendor: Ellis
Type: Mandolins
Price: 11195.00
If you've been waiting for a dazzling Ellis A5 Reserve, wait no longer! This mandolin strikes an amazing balance between ornate and reserved, with its lustrous tobacco sunburst and tortoise binding scheme, one-piece quilted Maple back, and Weldon Lister engraved tailpiece. The sound is warm, rich, and detailed all at once -- these quilted Maple Ellis mandolins have a rounder note attack, and while they can certainly hang in a bluegrass setting, they're an excellent choice for a player who transverses a lot of different stylistic ground. Priced with Calton case.#

  • Model:#A5 Reserve
  • Serial No. 575
  • Materials:#Quilted Maple back & sides, Red Spruce top,#Ebony fingerboard & bridge
  • Finish:#Varnish
  • Neck Shape:#Soft V, Radiused fingerboard
  • Hardware: Waverly Tuners, Weldon Lister engraved tailpiece
  • Measurements:#1 1/8" Nut width
  • Case: Calton