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    Has anyone purchased this and have comments to share? Tony Williamson has one and has a youtube clip with him using one and other youtube on the used of and stats on how well they open up your instrument.

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    Well. The "science" is pretty weak. A solution? Store your instrument on a stand next to a good loudspeaker. Then groove on loud Bach Organ music

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    Here is a video from Marcel doing some testing on guitars.
    I was skeptical before hand and I remain skeptical after watching it. But it was interesting to see.
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    Ninety four posts of discussion on it here:

    Me, I just pay for quality instruments that sound great when I get them, and don't need questionable gadgets to make them sound better.

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    Old idea with new tech. If you want a DIY version just lay your mandolin on a speaker and cycle sine waves in Ableton go from 90-21k up and down. I dont think it would do much though. I think play time plus environmental changes plus time is the only real solution to opening instruments up.
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    Years ago I bought a thing called a ToneRite or something similar, which is a vibrating rubbery lump with a claw to fit it on top of a violin bridge - same general principle I guess. It worked noticeably in loosening up some instruments, but made no difference to others. I left it running for about a week at a time. I think playing would have done the same thing, but I had maybe 5 fiddles at that time.

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