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Thread: NMD: Eastwood S Mandola

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    Default NMD: Eastwood S Mandola

    Ordered from TrueTone Music in Santa Monica last week and arrived today. After getting it out of the well-packed box and opening it up, I tuned it up and turned it on. I am in immediate thrall with this instrument's tone. My junior high school viola background has finally been honored if not assuaged.

    The fit and finish are excellent, and the tone is excellent. I'm also having fun appreciating the different pickup settings through the pedalboard. I love the El Rey, but the pickup is what it is. OTOH, the Eastwood's S style configuration allows way more diverse sounds.

    I'm looking forward to getting the chording under my fingers, and figuring out the replacement chording for the mando chords I like higher on the upper strings. The new real area of growth for me will be the right hand, moving beyond the pick as it were. I've never played guitar, so getting some form of finger style is an exciting challenge.
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    Question Re: NMD: Eastwood S Mandola

    It's mainly re learning the chord names a 4th lower & where they are a 5th higher...

    transposing.. Read Viola scores and Jazz tenor banjo/guitar charts...(?)

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    Default Re: NMD: Eastwood S Mandola

    I know how you feel about the pickup on the Eastman vs the pickups on the Eastwood S. I have an Arrow G5 that cost more than 5 times my JBovier FMC 5. Between the hollow body and the single Kent Armstrong on the Arrow and the two JB53s on the solidbody JBovier, I much prefer the solidbody instrument. I have a lot more control over the tone that comes out of the amp.

    It looks less "folky" and less "jazzy" too, but the JBovier is getting all my playing time.


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