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Thread: Mandolin inspired chess pieces

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    Default Mandolin inspired chess pieces

    Seeing the album art for Gambit by Ethan Setiawan on the main page got me thinking it would be amazing to have a whole chess set with pieces inspired by mandolin headstocks. Here is my first attempt:

    King: Gibson F5 (basically what is depicted on Ethan's album)
    Queen: Monteleone Grand Artist
    Bishop: Kimball A5
    Knight: Lyon & Healy A style
    Rook: Ellis A5 Special
    Pawn: Eastman A-style

    Other ideas?

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    Default Re: Mandolin inspired chess pieces

    That caught my attention too!
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    Default Re: Mandolin inspired chess pieces

    The base of each piece should be a bird's-eye maple speed base.

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    Default Re: Mandolin inspired chess pieces

    Rook: Collings? Perhaps boring, but so is the Rook.

    And as I'm new to Mandolin, I'd never heard of him. So now I'm listening on Spotify, and stoKed at the discovery. Thanks!

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    Default Re: Mandolin inspired chess pieces

    I was definitely thinking Collings for one of the pieces--a little abstract but I was thinking the 'haircut' headstock recalls the hair of a horse's main, so Collings could also be the knight.

    Wanted to get bowlbacks on the board and was thinking about them for pawns. Maybe a Martin Style 4, or something with a slotted headstock?

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    Default Re: Mandolin inspired chess pieces

    I think the Nugget A headstock kind of looks like a bishop.
    Click image for larger version. 

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