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Thread: Dix Bruce - Rest in Peace

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    Default Re: Dix Bruce - Rest in Peace

    Quote Originally Posted by SOMorris View Post
    Dix's book was the first I bought as well. I have 3 now, I believe. RIP Dix.
    Me too.
    Sad news

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    Default Re: Dix Bruce - Rest in Peace

    Posted to Facebook February 7, 2023, by Carla Normand:

    Dix Bruce: Musician
    So Long, But Not Goodbye

    A few days ago, Dix Bruce strummed his final chord.

    He has left his fellow musicians with wonderful memories of happy times. Dix lent his versatility to many bands, including some of his own. He played guitar, mandolin, banjo, sang, photographed, wrote songs, books and more. Known for his easy going personality, he was always ready to laugh or recite a witty aphorism, and could always find a silver lining in any sad story.

    It was a happy day when Dix started playing with the Royal Society Jazz Orchestra. His solid and swinging rhythm guitar was featured on most of our gigs and CDs from the early 1990s till the present time.

    Dix was upbeat and encouraging. In addition to performing with the RSJO, he also sound-engineered and mixed several of the band’s recordings, both live at the Ashkenaz and in studio. He encouraged Don Neely to record many of the latter’s own compositions, including the humorous song, “Rover Got Run’d Over.”

    Dix’s rhythm guitar style was exquisitely sensitive. He was able to blend with the rhythm section and make it all jell. He was modest and self deprecating, and would invariably shrug off any compliment about his playing.

    The audience may not have known how important his rhythm was, but we in the band did! I thought of it as flexible, steady and with feeling.

    Thank you dear Dix, for contributing so much — your talents, humor, enthusiasm and encouragement to the Royal Society Jazz Orchestra! We were fortunate to know you!

    We will be missing you Big Time and Forever!

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    Default Re: Dix Bruce - Rest in Peace

    Acoustic Guitar Magazine has a nice remembrance article about Bruce. Read it here.

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    Default Re: Dix Bruce - Rest in Peace

    Bruce taught a camp I attended once. He was very patient with me when I asked him to explain just exactly what he meant by "Swing Mandolin".

    He also spent time with my son on guitar, and he helped me complete my collection of "Mandolin World News".

    A good man with a gift for teaching.
    Ha, ha! keep time: how sour sweet music is,
    When time is broke and no proportion kept!
    --William Shakespeare

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