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Thread: Pete Seeger on the mandolin

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    Default Pete Seeger on the mandolin

    ‘Rye Straw’(or ‘Joke on the Puppy’) with the New Lost City Ramblers on Pete’s ‘Rainbow Quest’ TV show….mandolin piece starts at 46.58.

    Can anyone identify the mandolin? A blonde Gibson F5 maybe? The show was from a series broadcast from 1965-66.


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    Default Re: Pete Seeger on the mandolin

    Thanks. Pete was certainly no slouch on the mandolin. (The tune you named is followed by "Ragtime Annie.")

    If you don't get a response to your question, you might try re-posting under "General Discussions" where you'll find more luthiers and other experts on instruments.

    See also this thread with Pete playing a different mandolin:
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