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    Anyone have info on the Chicago picking scene? Jams? Headed there in few weeks and interested in whats aroun. I see there is a Wednesday night jam in the city but little info or beta. Thanks for any info.

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    Steve from Down Home Guitars hosts a fun jam on Wednesday night at Jimmy Os in Frankfort. Good group of regulars, its mostly song oriented with the rare fiddle tune thrown in. Where did you find the Wednesday jam in the city?

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    Hey there! It's awesome that you're heading to Chicago soon and interested in exploring the picking scene there. While I don't have specific information on the Wednesday night jam you mentioned, I'm sure there are plenty of musical hotspots in the city waiting to be discovered. Chicago has a rich music culture, so you might want to check out local venues, clubs, or even ask locals for recommendations once you arrive. On another note, if you're looking for a unique way to experience Chicago, consider going on one of the Chicago boat tours. They offer breathtaking views of the city's stunning architecture along the river, and you'll get a different perspective of the Windy City.

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