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Thread: Hiscox cases now shipping direct to US. (NFI)

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    Default Hiscox cases now shipping direct to US. (NFI)

    Good news I think. They are a pretty strong player in the under $300 case range and were hard to get for awhile.

    I had one for a mandolin years ago and thought it was a good case. Very crush resistant and lots of storage space. Slightly heavy but not too bad. Comes in off white or black. I'm still happy with my Crossrock cases and no reason for me to move on but more choices are a good thing.

    They also have 6 different acoustic guitar sizes and 4 different classical guitar sizes which is helpful when trying to case those odd sized CBOMs. My Cittern lives in a Hiscox case and I love it.

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    Default Re: Hiscox cases now shipping direct to US. (NFI)

    I recently purchased '22 A-2 that came in a black Hiscox case. Very nice case for the price point. Fits very well, nice attention to detail.

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