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Thread: Jeannie o Bethelnie on my Sawchyn Mandola

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    Default Jeannie o Bethelnie on my Sawchyn Mandola

    Ive had this Sawchyn Beavertail Mandola for a year or sogradually trying out using it for song accompaniments. This song (Child Ballad 238) was learned from Dick Gaughans version many years ago as a DADGAD guitar arrangement. Absolute key is still D.

    Thanks to the Cafe Classifieds for providing the essential link that brought this 8#string home to Canada! (And to the nice fellow who sold it to me!)
    Wonderful instruments these Sawchyns and best wishes to Peter on his retirement.
    2009 Eastman 505
    2011 Collings MTO GT
    2008 Toyota Sienna
    2018 Sawchyn mandola

    Mandoline or Mandolin: Similar to the lute, but much less artistically valuable....for people who wish to play simple music without much trouble The Oxford Companion to Music

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