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Thread: Ron Spears has passed to the larger life

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    Default Ron Spears has passed to the larger life

    I found out that Ron Spears passed away last Wednesday. Sadly I learned this on the way to a friends mothers funeral where Greg Cahill was a pall bearer, he filled in the details from his perspective. A very fine obituary was posted on the Bluegrass Today site on Saturday.
    He will be missed.
    Timothy F. Lewis
    "If brains was lard, that boy couldn't grease a very big skillet" J.D. Clampett

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    Default Re: Ron Spears has passed to the larger life

    I bought a banjo from Ron 'way back in 2003, before there was much of an internet. Actually, he posted an ad in the usenet bluegrass newsgroup. I didn't know who he was.

    A couple of emails and sent a check, and things worked out fine.

    Rest in peace, Ron.

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