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Thread: CIAW mandolin class?

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    Default CIAW mandolin class?

    I was on the catskill irish arts week website to sign up for a class but, alas, as has been SOP for the past few years, no mandolin teacher/class.

    In a fit of annoyance, I commented on that fact when Don Meade posted a link for the event; he made the general statement that reservations are now open and check out the teacher lineup. And i said that, again, it didn't appear there was a mandolin teacher (sigh).

    As a result, Paul Keating (who's in charge of getting the teachers this year) took me aside at a concert my group was putting on and asked if i could guarantee at least 4 people to sign up for a mandolin class (although 6 would be better). If there was real interest, he'd see about finding a teacher. Or, actually, while he looked around for a teacher, I could see if anybody else would be interested in a class.

    I said I'd ask the collective players here if there was interest. I definitely have sat in mandolin classes at CIAW with five or six other players so I don't think there would be a problem filling a class, but I would be interested in a show of potential hands. Not a real count since that would be encroaching, but at least interest in checking out a mandolin class at CIAW if one were offered.

    So, that's the reason for this post. To alert those of you/us who attend or want to attend CIAW that there's a chance we can get a mandolin class if there's interest.

    Let me know.

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