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    I have an afanti mandolin with a zebrawood back and sides, spruce top, Iím currently using daddario XT phosphor bronze, the Custom Medium which is 11.5-40, but I wanted to try the daddario monel strings in the medium plus which are 11-41, can I use these without fear of damaging the instrument? Are they too heavy? Itís a newer instrument purchased last year, has a truss rod and all the good stuff, itís my favourite mandolin so just want to make sure before I throw these on.

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    From what I gather from pictures, you have a Gibson style instrument. As such, generally speaking, it should take the load of medium plus strings. However, I have no idea how thick the top really is in the bridge region, under the fret board extension and between bridge and tailpiece. (Gibson F-5 tops s are c. 4 mm under the bridge.) The gap under the bridge foot looks quite wide (or long depending on the perspective). I have seen several (non-Afanti) instruments starting to give in on the bass side end of that gap. You may want to keep an eye on that spot.
    Good luck!

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