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Thread: Adding roughness/texture/abrasion to a pick?

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    Default Adding roughness/texture/abrasion to a pick?

    I've noticed that I prefer the sound of my picks when they are not completely polished. For example, I have two Apollo Mike Marshall picks and two Blue Chip CT 55s. For each pair, I have one that has developed abrasions on the picking edge and another that hasn't. I find the polished picks are both quieter and brighter, whereas the rough picks are louder and darker (the perfect combo!).

    Most people tend to polish their picks... I want to do the opposite! Do other do this? Without just putting a lot of hours on a pick, are there tools/techniques for adding those micro abrasions to a pick?

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    Default Re: Adding roughness/texture/abrasion to a pick?

    Just pick up one of those four sided micro mesh nail files at the drug store and use one or two of the course sides.

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    Default Re: Adding roughness/texture/abrasion to a pick?

    Don't over roughen picks, they are apt to break.

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