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Thread: Book: Aim for The Heart by Andy Irvine

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    Hi all. This is my first post since joining last fall but I've greatly enjoyed finding information about mandolin family instruments. I've recently switched to four stringed instruments as my aging fingers were having difficulty with six strings. I have a mandolin and also find it easy to transfer the play to tenor guitar (also tuned GDAE but one octave lower). And loving it! Why I waited so long!?

    My question is this: Andy Irvine has a book called "Aim For the Heart". It apparently contains standard music notation chords and tabs for all of the songs, but doesn't specify for which of the many instruments that Andy plays the tabs might be for: mandolin? Irish bouzouki? mandola? Guitar? Is anyone familiar with the book?

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    Itdoes not have tabs. Music notations & chords. So chords are for any instrument really.

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    Sorry I should have said welcome to the Cafe! Welcome!
    For the TAB it’s an issue because - without going into the whole TAB/notation debate - when a lot of musicians play up the neck it’s not that easy to emulate.
    But… after having learned all the notes on the fretboard, and learned how to read notation and learned how to sing and play chords or doublestop runs during singing and learned to play melodies or harmonies and learned to play the riffs in between each stanza…

    It sounds like a lot but you can do this in phases. Learn the lyrics and singing first… etc. That way you can be ‘playing’ the song from day one and add all the adornments over the years.

    Another way, I guess would be get the book, TAB out each song and then work further up the neck with doublestops, then to go to a workshop this summer in Ireland(?) and learn one song at a time.
    Andy Irvine himself may even be there!

    Option two would be to tab the songs out yourself from vids, or even ask the members here if they can help?
    I’m not sure how many singers there are here though.

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