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Thread: Vintage Regal 2 Point on eBay

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    Nice looking. Seems expensive to me for a Regal. Super nice case, looks like an F style case.

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    NFI. Established eBay seller. Shipping seems expensive, as well.

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    It is a toned down version of the Regal Ultra Grand which sold for $135 or so with all the glitz which this one lacks. In fact, the basic hand carved model with no frills was sold by Wards for a mere $12-95! which would suggest a shop retail price of circa $30. I bought one last year for $68 and it plays and sounds great although one of the issues with this mandolin type is the neck joint and Jim Garber who has commented on his- in the link I will post below mentions this, with his. I bought an intermediate version which is the same as the one in this auction except for the fingerboard extension and vulcanised rubber or whatever pickguard but it has the block inlays- not dots. It's a lovely mandolin all right. The case with this mandolin is superb- and you can see more below in the link. I think this seller is going to have to drop to a three figure price as it is not super-blinged.



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