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Thread: Mandolin in bal folk music?

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    Default Re: Mandolin in bal folk music?

    Quote Originally Posted by Dagger Gordon View Post
    I'm not completely certain if I'm understanding exactly what you mean by 'bal folk', but perhaps you might be interested in this thread on Music From Central France a year or two ago.
    I've always understood the term 'bal folk' to just be a shortened reference to 'le bal du folk' which means a folk dance with 'bal folk' more or less referring to the dance music itself. I see that Simon DS mentioned the use of the term to refer to Italian and Portuguese folk dance music as well, which is consistent with my understanding. But, I defer to the experts on this. I'm far more familiar with the French Canadian traditions.

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    Default Re: Mandolin in bal folk music?

    I saw the title of this thread, and naively assumed "bal folk" was short hand for Balkan Folk music! Thanks to all those here who have educated me on what it really means.

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    Default Re: Mandolin in bal folk music?

    Again, want to thank everyone for the thoughtful answers so far on this topic. And would like to also apologize - I was unaware that the tern "Bal Folk" meant anything other than French folk dance.

    Also thank you for the great links. Nice to add to the tune books I have been fortunate enough to find so far.

    Hopefully I will be able to continue learning this music. We'll see if I get invited to any more jams, though.
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    Default Re: Mandolin in bal folk music?


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    Default Re: Mandolin in bal folk music?

    Quote Originally Posted by Martin Jonas View Post
    I've never played a squeezebox in my life, but I have recently inherited a Walther Teeny 48 piano accordion in mint unplayed condition (my father bought it some years ago but couldn't cope with it and learned the English concertina instead).

    Not quite the diato that seems to be used by most French folkies, but should be ideomatic for Italian dances and not too out of place in French music either. Learning it is a different matter, though.

    Yikes, Martin, how did I miss this? Too much work at the end of the semester.
    That's a handy sized accordion.
    Just enough basses to really add some chordal texture to your playing and not too heavy to weigh you down.
    Getting started is easy enough...
    I just concentrated on my left hand for awhile, working through chords and bass runs before trying to tie things together.
    I think Hohner made some versions that had the 'diatonic' basses but the limited range of chromatic keys on the right.
    I've wanted to get one of those.
    I know you'll love it, Martin, and pick it up fast.
    But don't blame me (or your Dad) if you get hooked!
    Sounds like you come from a very musical family.
    I have learned tons more fundamental music theory, though, from my PA. Which I've never had a lot of.
    Reason enough to get back to it.
    The button boxes are such a treat though.
    Squeeze on!
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