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Thread: The Stealth 2, Brentrup Erotica

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    Hans told me the frets on this model will be made out of a black graphite-tungsten composite which will last indefinitely and will extend string life due to their extremely low coefficient of friction. They are also coated with a trituim-phosphor compound which will make the normally black frets glow red in the dark, making it easy to find your fret positions in a poorly lighted campground.

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    I heard the pickguard was made out of the B-2 Stealth bomber material that eliminates pick click and makes finger prints and scratches essentially invisible to the Brentrup critic. #Addtionally the tone can sneak up on the banjer player and with a flick of a wrist unleash shock and awe!


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    Just be sure and post a BUNCH of shots when its finished!!!!
    Look up (to see whats comin down)

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    Mandobar, yes, I did mean Elen. I didn't even know what a Brentrup mandolin was before I saw her posts at the Cafe. She invited me over to play her Brentrup, and the rest is history. She was at the Grass Valley Bluegrass Festival in California last summer, where Hans had about 10 of his mandolins on display. Elen said she saw a certain look in my eyes while I was playing one of Brentrups, and the rest is history. So Mandobar, how about showing up at "SuperGrass" in California in February, Hans will be there, and have your Stealth to show us the progress by then? What is "SuperGrass?" Check it out at the California Bluegrass Associations website. Included will be Loar Fest (also on the website), which reportedly will have about 50 Loars....
    John A. Karsemeyer

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    john, i rarely fly and i live on the east coast. i am planning on going out to collect my mandolin if i can free up some time. then i can gorge myself right up close with all those mandolins and finally overdose on Brentrups- NOT!

    perhaps Hans will have the Stealth prototype with him at Supergrass.
    There's nothing better than first-hand experience.

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