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Thread: Chris Stanley Mandolins

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    Have not heard much lately about this builder and his mandos after a weeks of praise.

    Anyone own, play, and have some feedback?


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    One of the latest hostest builders from some older threads I searched.... almost 100 folks viewed and no one has any thoughts or comments posted about these mandolins as of late --sound, construction, woods used, playability, how they mic, how they compare in their own right to similar modern builders, do they compare with older 20's mandolins from Gibson, etc, etc.....

    ...oh I forgot I should do a search (ahhh I did)


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    As a result of seeing and playing them at SPBGMA, I am now on the list. Great sounding instrument and a class guy. Let's see....7.5 months to go. Holding breath and stamping feet. Mark Lane, how do you do it bro?
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    As I have posted to other Stanley threads, I own #7 and it is a really fine mandolin. I gather that Chris Stanley is quite back-logged right now - deservedly so.
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    There are a lot of great mandolins out there and everyone has their opinion about what makes those mandolins perfect for them. #To me, I donít care as much for the so called ďmodern soundĒ (more bass, less mid-range prevalence). #I prefer the old Gibson sound. #And thatís why Stanley #17 is perfect for me.

    Last night I was practicing with a couple of band mates and one of the guys asked to play #17. #The first thing he said was WOW. #Then the next thing he said was ďthis thing sure plays easier than your old Master ModelsĒ. #Heís right; the Stanley has that old Gibson quality of feeling like your playing down in the strings rather than on top of the strings. #Itís a hard quality to describe but you know it the minute you feel it. #

    Another cool thing about #17 is how it projects out in front when youíre listening to someone play it. #It produces the effect of moving the sound out in front of the mandolin; almost like thereís an invisible speaker out in front of the players picking hand. #And itís very directional. # #

    To my ear and preference for tone, itís the best new mandolin Iíve played. #

    Now, if I donít post for another three weeks, donít worry about whether the mandolin is still great or not. #I assure you it will still be great.

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    Thanks everyone for the post.....

    One thing I read from doing some searches is the tone of the Stanley being more Loar like and some comments that Chris has it nailed.

    For the folks that have had Stanleys and experienced the sound -fresh out of the case- and then the changes over time I would be really interested in hearing about that.


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    Quote Originally Posted by (red7flag @ Mar. 03 2006, 08:27)
    ...Mark Lane, how do you do it bro?
    It's easy, Tony. You just make sure to order a new custom mandolin about every 6 months. Then you have a regular influx of new custom instruments. Like making wine in each one matures, you're all set.

    As for "new out of the box," I will say this. I had a new Gibson Bibey that was a very good example. I liked it a lot. It was just beginning to come out of its shell after about six months of daily playing. About that time, the Stanley arrived. "Out of the box," merely one week from the last spray date, it sounded much better than the Bibey. I had them side by side at the same time for a week before the Bibey went out, and had ample opportunity to compare them. I can't say the Bibey wouldn't have eventually reached the same level; it might have. I can say that the Stanley continues to improve. It's subtle, it's slow, but it's real.

    There's lots of great mandolins around these days, I think. It's really great.
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    I thought Chris doesn't have a list and doesn't take custom orders. When I contaced him he told me it was a first come first serve basis, you either bought it from him or bought it from Mandolin World Headquarters.

    I have played one and if you like the loar sound and feel, well it is definitely close. It is most certainly not like many of the custom builders today as far as sound, like earlier said.

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    I think Chris said he'll take a few more oders, but that he may have to stop taking orders soon so he doesn't get too backed up. Even though, there will probably be the occaisional mandolin available through Charles Johnson.

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