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Thread: Damaged from upgrade work....

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    Spare C , How long are we to wait for you to post and tell us what ended up happening?

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    As po'd as you are about it, there's not much you can do except try to warn others.

    This is probably going to have to be a "life lesson" type of experience.

    This sort of thing happens a lot, not only with instruments, but with all sorts of trades. The fellows who clean your carpet put a scratch on the wall when they move furniture. The guy who puts tinting on your vehicle windows puts a rub mark on the trim. A button comes off your coat when you take it to the dry cleaners.

    While the matters are not trivial to the owners of the items damaged, you may find that even small claims court would, in fact, find the damage trivial. This is often considered when the type of damage is such that it may eventually occur with reasonable care in the normal use of the item - ie, normal wear and tear.

    To win a case in court, you'd have to show that the value of the item was appreciably lessened, and have to show that the repairmans practices were negligent, that he failed to use reasonable care, perhaps that the damage was avoidable and substancially out of the ordinary that might occur if due dilligence was used in the care of the instrument. The law varies hugely on these types of matters, but in general - you gotta prove the damage in real term, and that the guy who did it was not using reasonable care.

    Stopping payment is another problem - in many places, stopping payment for SERVICES is actually a felony (ie, punishable by a year or more in jail!). Services cannot be "returned" and so recieve special treatment when it comes to payment. Again, there's huge differences from state to state.

    Be pissed. Be mad. Avoid the place. Tell others to avoid the place. That might be your only real recourse, I'm sorry to say.

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    Default Re: Damaged from upgrade work....

    I'm not confrontational either --- BUT --- if someone is completely blameless, why would they offer to "fix it?" If it wasn't my fault at all, I would not offer to fix it. And, IMO, if someone DOES offer to fix it, it sounds like they are trying to just "get this out of their hair before the problem goes public."

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    I am with those suggesting this is a lesson learned. Not by way of overt criticism of the thread's author, but anyone who owns a phillips head screw driver and knows which end of it to hold should change their own tuners. There are video tutorials on the innernet
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    Default Re: Damaged from upgrade work....

    Hopefully 20 years later this issue has been resolved.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Josh Levine View Post
    Hopefully 20 years later this issue has been resolved.
    Agreed... I am not sure why anyone needed to restart this ancient thread. No new info, the OP is no longer even part of this community. I guess people do a search of similar topic and don't look at the date of the postings. Some other forums have a set up where there is some way to archive an old thread and distinguishes between old threads and active ones.

    I do recognize that some times it is nice to have new, refreshed comments on an older thread but not always. It is often useful to have some threads that are readable with some valuable info.
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    Default Re: Damaged from upgrade work....

    Wow...yeah... I got lured into responding to a thread from almost 20 years ago.....slightly embarrassing, but it happens!

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    Default Re: Damaged from upgrade work....

    It mystifies me when this happens, but I suppose the explanation is that there are so many different ways one may choose to view the forum. There’s probably a setting or sort order that allows people to view older threads near the top of the list.
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    Default Re: Damaged from upgrade work....

    Though rarely, I have resurrected long dead threads while searching a specific topic & respond to the last post before catching the date. I have the attention span of a gnat so am honestly surprised it doesn't happen more often
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    Default Re: Damaged from upgrade work....

    I think resurrecting dead threads comes from people doing a Google search and clicking what comes up, often without noticing the posting date. Sometimes the info is still useful, sometimes not so much...

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    Default Re: Damaged from upgrade work....

    So many small time luthiers do not have insurance so if they drop your $6k mandolin then they have to stump up $6K and how likely will that be? I think with precious instruments you just have to bite the bullet and travel/pay someone who has insurance.

    I once had a Holoubek 000-45. I put it in to have a truss rod installed as there was a bow in the neck. The luthier broke the headstock clean off just behind the nut. I was gutted. However, he made me a new and better neck and I was really pleased with the job but truth is I was very lucky.

    You've got to have insurance, however embarrassing it may be when you ask, as it is almost like saying 'I don't trust you'. I recently put a valuable mandolin in for re-fret and I must say I worried all the time that he would drop it.

    Accidents happen when you least expect them. I was helping a friend recently to fully evaluate a 1963 Fender Stratocaster which he wants to sell. He had it on the floor in the case and we both bent over to inspect it. My mobile phone was in my shirt pocket and slipped straight out and landed on the top of the Strat. Thankfully there were a couple of other marks on the guitar but I was thinking if that had been a new D45 I would probably have made a noticeable mark or even cracked it. Nightmare !! Hindsight is a great thing.

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