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Thread: Dance of the maya

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    Good Arrpegio exercises here. Some 9/8 time signatures as well. For all you fusion fans this was the real deal. The Mahavishnu Orchestra was the birth of jazz fusion. Well then again, there was Tony Willims Lifetime, humm, Bitches Brew. Had the pleasure of seeing this group a few times. One of the most important moments in jazz/rock history. Sorry no mando content.

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    Great tune - Jim Bevan and Mad Nomad did a tongue in cheek emando version, which they called "Dance Of My Uh", a while back. I think Jim played it on a Fender Mandocaster?

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    An old friend found me a couple of days ago, stumbling across my website by googling my name plus mandocaster. Tried doing that, didn't stumble across my website but found (a) this IUMA archive (which for some reason includes a bunch of "Qi" stuff that have nothing to do with Mad Nomad), and (b) this old thread.

    Yep, it's a '57 mandocaster.

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