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Thread: reason for edit

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    I use edit all the time, mostly to correct typos and grammatical errors, which drive me nuts.

    I occasionally rework a section that, on re-reading, failed to make the point I was trying to make, or could, from an unexpected perspective, be misconstrued. I've been thanked more than once for the re-workings.

    And twice I've deleted a post altogether that, upon re-reading, was either outright wrong or ridiculously and stupidly provocative. In both of these cases, I felt guilty and amazed that it was possible to simply make those posts go away. I actually felt bad on one of these two deletions because it was on a hot topic, and there was fast and furious cross-posting. When I returned to the thread after the deletion, there was already a heated reply to a post that no longer existed.

    For the record, I like the edit function. I can see, though, why it might be too much power in irresponsible hands.
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    Another possible means to clarify a comment later on or even apologize for it if you don't want to ask a moderator to remove it is to quote your previous post and reply directly to it.

    It's kind of like an open audit trail of the conversation.

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    Quote Originally Posted by El Greco View Post
    why not download Firefox or Google Chrome in both home and work (unless IT dept. is policing the process)
    I have tried Firefox and and I do not like it as well as IE7 and while I use Google for searches I do not want any of their software loaded on any of my computers.
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