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    Default Post numbers

    How come my last post was number 509 on the old board, and now I´m back to mere 358?
    - ok, 359 now, but it doesn´t help much...

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    Seems it was common knowledge there was no accounting for what that old forum was responsible for--buggy. That said, they've given me permission to say it's OK to change post counts if anyone can't live without their old number

    Sounds like the old forum may have left post counts in there although old threads from the very beginning were deleted. The new forum probably is actually counting the posts associated with your membership vs. relying on that old information, hence the difference. You've been around since the beginning according to your registration date so that'd explain it.

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    Arto, you can have some of can have 10 years of mine too!

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    Default Re: Post numbers

    hey c'mon, this message board came with a free elf... I'm just sayin...
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