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    A while back i owned an oval hole mandola. i sold it to help pay for my son's college tuition. it was not getting played, so i sold it to a cafe member who seemed to really love it. i've been dola-less since so, several weeks ago I put up an advert looking for a mandola. there were a few folks with Webers for sale, a handful of Eastmans, a Gypsy.......i mulled it over....mmmm, and then i got an email from a builder named Ron Cole from southern Idaho. he sent me some pics of a mandola he had made a while back. it is an A style, F holes, engelmann topped. but the last picture was of the back. my eyes rolled into the back of my head......yup, one piece back, figured i sent Ron a check and he sent me this lovely mandola. it has a big full voice, and when it acclimates fully it will only get better and better. i cannot say enough good things about this instrument. i am tickled pink as this all worked out extremely well. Ron's the real deal, and a hell of a picker himself.
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    Congratulations on what looks like a LOVELY instrument, Mandobar. Isn't it fun to find these builders doing such very good work and to benefit from their "playable art"? Enjoy.


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    Thanks for the good words on Ron Cole and congratulations on your new 'dola!

    Does Cole have a website? If not, do you have any more info about him and what he does?


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    Hey, be sure to bring it to the March Mandolin Festival this weekend. You are coming, aren't you?


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    yep he has a website and here it is....

    He makes some mighty fine mandolins!
    Look up (to see whats comin down)

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    david, i'm running as fast as i can..........i may be a bit late due to the weather, but i will be there if i have to snowshoe!!!! i'm bringing the dola fer sure!!!

    eddie, it's like the best mocha latte you can buy!!!!!
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    Still loving the Pomeroy Mary, thanks!


    Your new one looks like a daisy too, btw. Congratulations
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    hey, tim. good for you and thanks!!!
    There's nothing better than first-hand experience.

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    Mary - If you like one piece backs heres a link to some photos of a Lawrence Smart mandola that I own. I got it from Greg Boyd a few years ago. The best way I can describe the color is Tigereye. And the best way I can describe the sound is - Lush.
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