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Thread: Mandolin recordings by Casey Bill Weldon (Blues/Pre-Blues)

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    Default Mandolin recordings by Casey Bill Weldon (Blues/Pre-Blues)

    -I'm new here and so this is my first posting. I'm playing mostly 'hokum' blues with a string band these days and so I'm very interested in the guys that played this style in the 20's and 30's. I have two questions regarding Casey Bill (Will) Weldon. First of all, I've only found recordings of him on slide guitar, anybody know if there are recordings out there where he played mandolin? According to DelGrosso, he was originally a mandolin player. This leads to my next question. For anybody that has used DelGrosso's book: Anyone know what "Will Weldon's Blues" actually comes from? It sounds a little like "You May Leave, But This Will Bring You Back" (M.J.B.) but it's not really a fit. Where, I'm wondering did the author find the tune or even the parts that make up the tune he's named after Weldon?? I want to know what these sound like. Anyone? Thanks

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    Default Re: Mandolin recordings by Casey Bill Weldon (Blues/Pre-Blues)

    This is a very particular question for the mandolincafe considering Mr. Weldon is not a real mandolin player.

    I would recommend to ask the same question on a good source for prewar country blues.
    I would also try I think if you don´t find informations on these locations you will find nowhere.

    I checked my own stuff and what I found is that Will Weldon is mentioned as mandolin player in the liner notes of the JSP-Label Memphis Jug Band Vol. Three for the song "He´s in the Jailhouse now". As MJB switched their instruments regularly I feel you can search in that direction ( especially the Document Records site )

    Good Luck with your research

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    Default Re: Mandolin recordings by Casey Bill Weldon (Blues/Pre-Blues)

    Thanks for the websites! I am confused with your reply however, that Will Weldon is not a real mandolin player. He was a multi-instrumentalist--he is said to have played mandolin in addition to the guitar and slide guitar. I am interested in finding recordings of this. My more pressing question, if I can cut to the chase, was did anybody know where Rich DelGrosso got his "Will Weldon's Blues" from in his instructional book. Presumably he took elements from certain Casey Bill songs. I suppose I could write DelGrosso himself but since the question directly deals with pre-blues mandolin, I thought it would be worth a shot here. Thanks. n.

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