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Thread: Mandolin Strap (How long should it be)

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    Default Mandolin Strap (How long should it be)

    Hellok folks,

    I am buying a Mandolin Strap for an F Mandolin.

    I am 6.05 foot tall. How long should the strap be.

    I'm pretty average built but since I am so new to mandolins I haven't the slightest clue how long it should be.

    Can you guys help?

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    Default Re: Mandolin Strap (How long should it be)

    Do you plan on putting over one shoulder, ala Monroe style, or guitar style.

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    Default Re: Mandolin Strap (How long should it be)

    I don't think that there's any "right" length, it should be what's comfortable for you. Most straps are adjustable, so you can try it at different lengths.
    I used to have the strap fairly short, so the mandolin was closer to my head, but since I've develpoed tendonitis in my right elbow, I find that a longer strap is more comfortable.
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    Default Re: Mandolin Strap (How long should it be)

    depends on what model mandolin you have - "A" or "F" - and where you connect the strap - tuning platform or scroll.

    take a piece of string (or something) and measure to find out what's comfortable.

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    Default Re: Mandolin Strap (How long should it be)

    get some long boot laces and try different lengths..

    I have an extraordinarily long drawstring I found and washed up ,
    It was retrieved off the street, spotted on a bike ride .

    I put it on my Mandolin, tied knots on both ends and put a spring cord lock in the middle .
    a loop thru the cord lock. so I can change my mind , as I do, .. it's adjustable..
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    Default Re: Mandolin Strap (How long should it be)

    I was just wondering this. I'm making a strap from an old neck tie and a small belt buckle for a concho. The Dudette straps at Elderly are 36"-41" so that's what I shooting for. Plus I just held it up to my existing strap that's on my mando.
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    Default Re: Mandolin Strap (How long should it be)

    The others have said it: you need to measure with a piece of string or bootlace. There's no strict formula, and it depends on a lot of personal things. Finding a strap that's long enough or adjustable enough can be harder for tall fellows, so once you know your length we might be able to help you get the right one.
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    Default Re: Mandolin Strap (How long should it be)

    On a related note what a good suggestion for a cheap mandolin strap to order for f style

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    Default Re: Mandolin Strap (How long should it be)

    I initially used a round boot lace, to determine best length before I went shopping for a mando strap.

    But then, I found I didn't need to look any further.After two years or more, I find the boot lace is still comfortable for me.
    And it doesn't have any buckles or hardware that could scratch the finish. Mandolins are light enough that the bootlace is entirely comfortable while playing. And it stores easily in the case.

    I can adjust the length instantly to shorten it, by looping it around a treble side tuner...(for instance I like to shorten the string when I play seated).

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