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Thread: Finger-style Octave?

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    Howdy there!

    I've been pickin' Mandolin (standard) for a lil' under a decade now, but my most recent project split out from under me leaving a poor dedicated mandolinist without a band (again) [I live in northern Illinois if anyone out there's reading this looking!!! ]

    So I did what any musician would do: Started gigging solo!

    I thought my Octave Mando would bring a more familiar tone to folks ears (not to mention its much easier to sing off of) I started tinkering around with finger style to tremendous success! (Especially when I'm playing "folk" music and early/delta blues- takes pretty darn nicely to it!)

    I was curious to hear from anyone else out there who may be playing with the same/different techniques! If so, I'd love to hear from you: What pick configuration do you play with? (I play 3-finger w/ a thumb pick- keep my index & middle fingers) Do you ever use alternate tunings? (I've played a couple tunes in GDAD and ADAD, mostly for the novelty of it, though)

    In any event, looking forward to hearing back from y'all!

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    Default Re: Finger-style Octave?

    I think this is pretty awesome. (No, I wouldn't have a clue how to play like that, but it sounds good.)

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    When I think of fingerstyle OM or cittern my mind goes immediately to Joseph Sobol. I still have his CD 'Citternalia' from a while back. He's a master of fingerstyle on the cittern, OM and bouzouki.

    Check this out:

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    Default Re: Finger-style Octave?

    I fingerpick OM and mandocello just like I do a guitar; thumb, index, middle and ring. No picks. Thumb for G strings, sometimes alternat D & G on bass lines. Index picks the D usually, middle on the A, ring on the E. Here's an example that I have posted on this board before:

    I agree that the OM is a better instrument to solo with than the mandolin. I've not yet explored alternate tunings; I am lazy and don't like retuning. Although it makes slide work sound cooler.

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