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Thread: 1914 Gibson F2 Blackface

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    today was clean out the mando closet today. #but while perusing through the cases in my bedroom closet (who has room for clothes?) i came upon my first F style mandolin. #i bought this from the gentleman who does work on all my instruments. #he was looking for a good home for it and i was just itching for a vintage gibson. #

    i played a round of fisherman's hornpipe, whiskey before breakfast and god rest ye merry gentleman before placing it back in its case. all original except for the repro bridge.
    There's nothing better than first-hand experience.

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    aaargh ... color me green ...
    Will Taylor

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    ditto. more pics?

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    What? did you forget about it?

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    You must have some really nice mandos to be able to "forget"about such a beauty. I am selling an F-4 on consignment, because I wasn't playing it, but I have missed it everyday nonetheless.

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    Since it sounds like you're tight on closet space and have more mandos than you can keep track of, I'll trade you a closet organizer straight across for it!

    Those are such pretty instruments... I want to get an old oval hole. I figured an A would do, but an F2 or F4 would sure be sweet. I like the blackface too, even though I really like the look of wood grain... and the fact that nobody took the pick guard off!

    Paul Doubek
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    not forgotten.........just out of circulation for a while. it's a double closet. lots more room for mandos, never worry. there's lots more interesting stuff in there too; including a sobell zouk.
    There's nothing better than first-hand experience.

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