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Thread: Key Brand Info?

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    And yet another with no brand name is here.
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    Quote Originally Posted by barney 59 View Post
    So they named it "Key" so you might confuse it with "Kay"? ? ? I'd much rather have a "Givson" myself.
    When I was a US sailor last century, Olongapo, Philippines was a common port of call. There, I used to gaze through a shop window at night, chuckling at their "Fenler" electric guitars. Spent most days water skiing and never made it in there when they were open. Probably for the best, lol.

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    Looks like my old Bently, bought for $90 in 1989 from a folk festival vendor in Kerrville Tx. Complete with Made in Korea sticker on back of peghead. Served me well,for 15 years, then my eldest used it for a few more. I still have it and it’s still playable and held together very well except a couple of tuner plate screws pulling out…
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