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Thread: Review and comparison 'The Loar LM-700 VS'

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    Quote Originally Posted by Peterrhys17 View Post
    Loar LM 700 - collapsed!! 6 weeks ago I bought a beauty from a chap via EBay. He’d bought it from a Bluegrass instrument shop (on line) in the USA a couple of years ago. Excellent condition, well maintained. Now it’s worthless & unplayable because the top has caved in. Luthier has said it’s obvious this will happen as there is no bracing!! Devastated!!!
    Do you have pictures of the collapsed top? Would be interested to see where the collapse happened.

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    My 2020 is a cannon; fit, finish, and tone do it for me.
    I've owned plain with the '02 F9, average look with the KM 1000, and sold them off for the the gold bling as well.
    2020 The Loar Supreme LM700 VS

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    I've owned 3 LM 700s and played another one. All were different. A 2010 one had big chunky neck and massive sound. I played it a lot for 4 years in preference to a 1984 Flatiron F5 Artist (which was a lovely mandolin). I had then had two later ones, neither of which had the same punch and pop. They were a bit heavier on the lacquer. Three or four years ago I got a new one for a friend (from Thomman) and it is a lovely mandolin and has definitely opened up in three years. Not a hoss but a really good and beautiful mandolin for the price then (around 630).

    I'd have no hesitation in buying a Loar LM 700. I think, considering the look, finish, sound etc it is the best F5 mandolin at the current price level.

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