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Thread: Sobell Cittern on Ebay

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    anyone see the sobell cittern on ebay? #i have to say, sobells are getting very expensive. #don't know if he'll get that much, but wow, am i glad that i bought my zouk when i did.

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    Thanks for the tip - that's a nice chunk of wood. Out of my range, but nice to look at.

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    Isn't that approximately what Sobell's charging these days?

    The price of a new Sobell spiked a few months back, and waitlists lengthened because his long-term assistant quit (I believe) and he realized that he had more instruments on order than he could ever finish.
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    larry wexer just sold a beautiful 2002 cocobolo and german octave mandolin for $4k about a month ago. so, only time will tell what used sobell prices will be like as they seem to be a bit all over the place these days. the price of this used cittern is very close to the price of a new one.
    it is true that stefan raised his prices significantly late last year. and indeed his assistant of 15 years has left his employment and set up shop nearby. although he has stopped taking orders he is still sending instruments to the states to sell now through a dealer (at least i have seen one brazilian guitar recently).
    There's nothing better than first-hand experience.

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    Hey, I just put up a Sobell cittern in the classified section. #Not entirely sure I'll sell (looking for a local buyer (D.C. metro area). I find the action a bit hard for me; if it were easier to play it'd be worth twice as much (and I'd keep it). #Perhaps there are adjustments or string changes I could make?

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    bev, if you are in the dc area contact david berkowitz who is a luthier who has made instruments for mary chapin carpenter among others.

    he can probably set up the cittern for you. i have a zouk and had it set up by my luthier. plays like a dream.
    There's nothing better than first-hand experience.

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    There's another one on ebay at present at

    Now, I know this one, and have played it recently. It is real beauty, excellent condition and has the early heavenly tone, warm, bell like, cedar top sound that I really like in the early Sobells. The neck and fretboard are a delight to play, smooth and silky. It was made around the same time as my mandolin, and as such it has settled, opened up, warmed and, to my mind, comes from the real golden age of Sobell's work - only my personal opinion! If you've always wanted one, I wouldn't let this slip by.


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