Mandolin Cafe Case Stickers

We provide three convenient ways to acquire the versions of our Mandolin Cafe case stickers:

  • Send us a self-addressed stamped envelope to the address below. You must send a business size envelope or we will have to fold them which is not recommended.
  • Prefer we do all the work and pay for postage? Outside of the U.S. and can't send U.S. currency? With any donation we'll do the rest.

Mail self-addressed & stamped envelope to:

Mandolin Cafe
1100 New Jersey Street
Lawrence, KS 66044-3354

Or, have us do the work and pay for the stamp, etc., with a donation, minimum $4.00 for U.S. and $5.00 for donations from outside the country please as we lose money on small donations between PayPal fees, postage and sticker costs.

F - Cafe Case Sticker